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Date: 09/07/24

A love letter to VoltHub

Been wondering about why we can't stop raving about the VoltHub

Aside from the fact that this unit is our latest developments for Li-ion battery charging that’s been #tickingeverybox, we know that it’s a serious game changer on site. Solving industry wide problems, it’s not just secure battery charging, but safe battery charging… We want to share a few of our favourite features of the VoltHub.

  1. Our new 110V version VoltHub is about to rock your site for sure. Now available in 110V, this means the VoltHub can continue safely charging your kit on site, amidst the action. You're not just limited to 240V as we offer both! Your project will never be jeopardised by risky charging stations again, as well as saving you time by having your batteries on charge right on site with you!

  2. All in one unit. No bolt-ons, no special adaptors. Just plug in and get cracking on your project. We’ve designed the VoltHub to be as user friendly as possible, the hassle of loose cables and half-charged equipment is a problem of the past.

  3. The elements have nothing on the VoltHub. Being fully weatherproof, it’s ideal for indoor AND outdoor use. The weather won't cause your timeline to halt with this unit on your project. It only stops when you stop, meaning fully charged kit always… Not to mention it charges it safely and securely!

  1. Your safety, first. With forced ventilation at 20 degrees to keep the air flowing around the batteries, this means that they stay at optimal charging temperature and are kept cool. This is very important due to their sensitivity to temperature change. In addition to this, there’s measures in place in the event of a fire. The VoltHub has a built-in GSM phone and text alert, and the unit will cut off power as soon as the internal temperature reaches 60 degrees or more, keeping any potential damage to an absolute minimum and ensuring the safety of those working nearby. 

  1. Mobile to the max. This unit features forklift pockets and crane lifting eyes meaning whether you're working on floor 67 or at a project with limited access, the VoltHub will be there. We’ve eliminated the need for extension cables, dodgy charging stations by making sure the VoltHub can be exactly where it's needed to fast track charging on site.

Curious to speak to one of the team about the VoltHub, or maybe thinking about a trial for your site? Just give us a call today on +44 (0) 23 9238 0280