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Protect your workforce from dust and fumes with XtractaBench; our all-in-one workbench and extraction management unit. This sturdy mobile unit is a must-have for anyone cutting, grinding, drilling, routing, or working with materials such as plasterboard, wood, or metal on site.

The key features of XtractaBench are a perforated downdraught work surface and housing for an extraction or filtration unit underneath. Dust and fumes are drawn directly away from the working area and a collection hopper is built in to catch heavier particles and dust.  On the side of the bench is a convenient fold-down shelf to mount your M or H class vacuum for on-tool extraction.

Patent Pending and European Design Registered

ticks the box for...

  • extracting dust or fumes directly from your workbench
  • compatible with most air and dust filtration systems 
  • compact, sturdy and easy to move around site
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features & specs

  • Strong, robust workbench, to enable the user to work at a safe working height
  • Existing air filtration systems can be placed inside to create a downdraught through the perforated work surface
  • Used to reduce dust and fumes that are emitted when working on materials such as plasterboard, wood, studwork, and cleaning tools out
  • Fold-down side shelf provides a convenient location to place an H or M class vacuum for on-tool extraction
  • Secure storage space protects and secures the air filtration units inside, as well as other tools
  • Fits through a standard doorway
  • UK Patent Application Number 1801105.6
  • European Community Design Registration Number 005216066-0001

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