Spare Parts

Locks and gas struts may need replacing due to wear and tear from continual usage or as a result of damage. We supply replacement parts for vaults the very next day, limiting the inconvenience caused when tool and equipment security is compromised.


Product Code Description PDF
KEY Replacement key for Armorgard deadlocks  
LOCK2 Pair deadlocks, comes with 6 keys, keyed alike   
LOCK1 Single deadlock, comes with 3 keys  
LOCKH Lock housing for Armorgard deadlocks  
G300 300N gas strut  
G395 395N gas strut  
G450 450N gas strut  
G1000 1000N gas strut  
G1200 1200N gas strut  
CAS 6" casters supplied
CASF 6" casters fitted  
CAS4 4" casters supplied  
CAS4F 4" casters fitted  
CASFK 6" caster fixing kit  
SH2 FBC 2' shelf  
SH4 FBC 4' shelf  
SH5 FBC 5' shelf  
SHTC1 TSC1 shelf  
SHTC2 TSC2 shelf  
SHTC3 TSC3 shelf  
SHFC1 FSC1 shelf  
SHFC2 FSC2 shelf  
SHFC3 FSC3 shelf  
SHS4 SET 4 shelf supports for FSC and TSC  
STAY1 Lid support stay for boxes  
STAY2 Lid support for chests