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Date: 03/10/23

A world first solution

Armorgard's latest innovation: VoltHub, the unit designed for safe charging of li-ion batteries.

An all-in-one, indoor and outdoor use IP rated unit that constantly and proactively keeps fire risks at bay, and dramatically reduces the consequences of a battery fire breakout.

With built-for-purpose features to care for batteries, the unit always keeps them charged under optimal conditions, lowering the risk of fire to begin with.

proactive care for your batteries

  • It is dangerous for lithium-ion batteries to be in an environment that exceeds 60 degrees. VoltHub will automatically cut power to the lockers if the internal enclosure exceeds this. The fan will continue to run until the temperature lowers, where charging will resume.
  • VoltHub actively maintains a suitable environment for charging with an internal fan activating at 20 degrees, maintaining an optimum charging temperature, proactively keeping them cool.
  • If lithium-ion batteries reach below 0 degrees, this could cause damage to the batteries. The heater will raise the internal enclosure temperature to increase charging productivity. 
  • Featuring an isolator switch which can switch the unit on and off, whilst all other internal control systems are fully automatic.
  • The fire suppression, alarm, smoke detector and GSM text alert will still continue to function without power to the unit, keeping batteries in a safe state for storing them.

More information can be found here

reactive care for your batteries

  • If there is a fire inside the unit, VoltHub will alarm will sound at the first opportunity, reducing the time it takes to call emergency services.
  • VoltHub features a certified extinguishant specific for lithium-ion fires that will only activate in the affected locker - containing and isolating the fire. Waste will be contained in the bunded sump of the unit.
  • VoltHub will alert up to three pre-programmed mobile numbers should the should the fire suppression activate, or any off-gases or smoke be detected, so the fire can be dealt with at the earliest opportunity.
  • Forced ventilation will continue to operate even if power supply for sockets is cut after a fire. This means that the dangerous gases released from the fire will be exhausted.
  • The fan will activate automatically if relative humidity goes above 50%.

More information can be found here

Watch how VoltHub works here.