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Date: 21/10/21

Different uses of Forma-Stor

The Armorgard Forma-Stor is ideal if you need organised tool storage - its quick assembly, and flat pack design is what makes it highly desirable to use on site. The modular design makes it possible to assemble the units very quickly - sturdy, weatherproof and available in four sizes to suit all your needs.

The Forma-Stor is commonly used trackside on the rail network, due to the flat-packed design meaning it is easy to transport with no need for line closures, and overheads do not need to be isolated when doing so. There’s no long delays and no extra costs with the Forma-Stor!

Level up your Forma-Stor with additional features! They help to improve its safety, security and usability even further!

  • BlokkaBar - 10mm steel bar to fit across the door for added security
  • Sturdy shelves - weight loading of up to 200kg for organised storage
  • Ramp - up to 1 tonne weight load for ease of access to the Forma-Stor
  • LED lighting - one kit fits 3 sizes, light up the inside and improve visibility

The Forma-Stor isn't always used for commercial purposes… this Forma-Stor is being used in a back garden as a storage unit! It was purchased for additional storage space of tools and materials quickly on a temporary basis due to a house move. There is no limit to the Forma-Stor!

The Armorgard Forma-Stor has a sister product that can also be used as a COSHH compliant store… the Forma-Stor COSHH is a store that complies with relevant regulations so you are able to store hazardous substances on safely! This store can also be quickly erected and is fire resistant for up to 30 minutes!