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Date: 28/11/23

FlexiKart in action

Who doesn't want to streamline their site, projects, and all those day to day tasks? With our multi-purpose folding pallet skate, aka the FlexiKart… it’s made easy.   

We chatted to Dan Mossop, Director at Jackson Timber about how having FlexiKarts at his production facility has made a massive difference to them. 

#1 Safely move loads of materials and pallets around site

Dan found that by using the FlexiKart to move product internally, they don't need to use a side loader, which eliminates the safety issues that come with this, and reduces injuries to his staff.

#2 Reduces the need for manual handling

The team at Jackson Timber have found that by making use of the FlexiKart’s 750kg load capacity, not only is it easy to move heavy and awkward materials when needed, but it minimises the need to handle the lengths of wood between production lines. The timber can be placed right where it's needed on the production line, saving a lot of time and man-power.

#3 Storing materials off the ground

He also mentioned that by having the FlexiKart on hand, it's a simple way to store lengths of timber inside without having it piled on the floor, meaning the product stays damp and frost free, reducing waste.

 The trolley is really versatile and perfect for a whole range of materials, including tonne bags, bundles, and pallets. 

With the added benefit of four round folding arms, it’s stable enough to carry almost any product, so if you're looking to step-up your site today, we might just have the product for you!

You can chat to our team about your manual handling needs on +44 (0) 23 9238 0280