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Date: 06/07/21

How flexi is your FlexiKart?

It’s every site worker’s companion. It does exactly what it says on the tin. With a 750kg load capacity, the possibilities are endless...

So, exactly how flexible is the Armorgard FlexiKart? 

The FlexiKart has been spotted before with… boxes of fixings, plywood, carpet tiles & rolls, multiple transformers, long lengths of piping, cable tray, scaffold poles, steel beams, ducting, an IBC container, a railway coping stone, concrete parts, blocks of masonry, panelling, equipment, tools - and that’s not even an exhaustive list!

Need a hand? The FlexiKart is right there with you. Use it to store or easily manoeuvre materials of up to 750kg! The newly innovated design means that the FlexiKart is able to fit swiftly through doorways too.

With 4 swivel castors (2 of which can be direction locked) and 4 fully foldable arms, it ensures full control when moving loads. What’s more, there are built-in lashing points to secure materials down, so not only does it make manual handling on site easier, it makes it safer too.

It doesn’t end there…

When the FlexiKart arms are folded down to below the height of the bed, it can be loaded up with materials whatever size, however awkward the shape, all up to 750kg!



So… how flexi is your FlexiKart? Can you use it to its full potential? Send us pictures of yours! Use the hashtag #ArmorgardSpotted on social media or email [email protected]

Go on - load it up!