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Date: 04/10/22

How secure is your van?

Did you know that in the UK a van is broken into every 23 minutes? It’s a huge problem that tradespeople are battling against every day. From increased investment in security-first technology to a constant and conscious effort to be vigilant, we’re always innovating to find security-centric solutions. Moreover, we endeavour to partner with brands who prioritise tool and van security. After all, when it’s your professional workspace, you need to make sure everything’s as secure as possible.

In this article, we’ll unpack the steps we take to make sure our van racking and accessories keep your van and its contents safe. We’ll explore best practices for workspace security. Plus, you’ll find out more about Armorgard TrekDror: the ultimate accessory for all things tool safety.

Secure van racking & accessories at bott Smartvan

When we’re at the design and development stage of racking and accessory design, we need to think about practicality before anything else. It needs to fit with your van, suit the tools you use, and keep them secure.

From a van racking perspective, the panels for the near- and offside of the van are well secured to deter thieves who try to break in through the side walls. This makes it more difficult for them to access the tools and parts left inside.

Further, the raised floor deck from bott Smartvan enables you to hide tools and equipment from view. Break-ins are far less tempting for thieves when they have no idea what’s stored in your van - if anything at all.

Each accessory is designed to easily move in and out of your vehicle. As such, storage solutions such as the Systainer3 can be taken out of the van and stored elsewhere.

Removing valuable items from the van at home or on-site will always be the best way to ensure their safety.


Workspace security tips for tradespeople

As well as removing your most valuable items from your van during non-work hours, there are a few other steps you can take to further stay protected. Armorgard have a comprehensive list on their website, which includes the following:

  • Keep your van locked and windows closed, regardless of how long you’re leaving your van alone for. You might think it’s only a few minutes but a lot can happen in that short space of time
  • Park your van tightly in a corner to make a break-in much harder
  • And make sure that area is well lit!
  • Keep an updated inventory of your tools and mark them up with a UV pen
  • Make sure alarms are fitted in the vehicle
  • Install advanced locking systems to make a break-in as difficult as possible
  • And ensure you’re clued up on all things insurance. If the worst happens, your policy needs to sufficiently cover the cost of your loss.


Our partnership with the Armorgard TrekDor

For keeping valuable tools and other items safe, the Armorgard TrekDor is a trade favourite. It’s ideal for everything from power tools to 5mm screwdrivers due to the versatility of removable partitions.

We stock the TKD1 model which has the following features:

  • 1.5mm steel strong box with 2x 5-lever deadlocks
  • Internal dims: 435x1040x245
  • External dims: 490x1105x300
  • Weight: 44KG
  • 3 x keys

This robust drawer system is perfect for slotting into your van for easy yet secure access. Our customers often employ it under a shelf or between wheel arches. And its unique bearing and roller system makes for a smooth sliding action.

The images below show how some of our customers have installed the TrekDor.

Fix a single TrekDor unit into the vehicle as so, for easy access to your most valuable tools and equipment when you’re on-site.

This customer has maximised their storage space by also adding accessories including The Raised Floor (deck kit).

Or double up if one simply isn’t enough! This customer has slotted the units in side-by-side for quick access from the back of the van.

You can see how seamlessly they fit into our van racking, while leaving plenty of room for further customisation facilitated by our wider van racking accessory store.

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