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Date: 22/07/20

keeping busy, public spaces clean

Want to keep as many people as possible safe and sanitised in busy, public places? Then the SaniStation Mini is the perfect hand sanitiser dispenser stand for you - here’s why.

  • Free standing and hands-free

There’s no installation required for the S10HF. It’s a free standing sanitiser dispenser, and is foot operated, so entirely touch free.

  • Anti-theft features

The range is robust and strong, meaning that you can leave the SaniStation Mini unattended and trust it to do its job. Bottles of hand sanitiser gel can be stored in the base and secured with a lock, minimising the likelihood of theft.

  • 5L bottle capacity

The SaniStation Mini is compatible with 5L bottles, dispensing up to 2,500 pumps with each one - minimising the need to replace them frequently.

  • Low dosage pump

A low dosage pump means that 2ml of hand sanitiser gel will be pumped every time, reducing spillage and unnecessary waste of gel - prolonging the life of each bottle.

  • Built-in extra storage

With extra storage room for hand sanitiser refills built-in, this adds to the speed and ease of replacing bottles in busy areas.

  • Mobile or fixed

Add castors to the SaniStation Mini (S10P and S10HF) so it can be moved easily and quickly to areas where it’s needed most, or fix it to the floor to ensure that it stays positioned where needed most. The S10WM offers the option to be mounted to a wall with a hex screw.


Help the public stay clean and safe with the most efficient and reliable hand sanitiser dispenser on the market.

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