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Date: 22/06/21

Life as an Armorgardian

They say that "the greatest asset of a company is its people". As a company that thrives on our strong team culture, we couldn’t agree more!

We wanted to find out exactly why the Armorgard family has been the choice for many long-standing members of the team.

Meet some members of our celebrated team who have been with Armorgard the longest… (from left to right)

  • William - Business Development Manager - Armorgardian for 9 years
  • Pete - Transport Manager - Armorgardian for 7 years
  • Justin - Warehouse Operative/Welder - Armorgardian for 15 years
  • Perry - Business Development Manager - Armorgardian for 8 years
  • Neil - Warehouse Operative - Armorgardian for 9 years


Why work at Armorgard?

Pete: It’s a great place to work, with great products. It’s a progressive company. The colleagues are great, and the food here is great - we’re really well looked after. Why would I be anywhere else?!

William: I’ve been at Armorgard for 9 years and counting - I love being part of growing the brand to become market leaders, with plenty of opportunities to progress within the company.

Neil: It’s a really enjoyable job role. I love turning up to work and helping out the team!

Perry: I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced a variety of job roles at Armorgard. The company has really helped with my personal development - I've been here for 8 years yet I’m still growing to reach my full potential everyday.

Justin: The family atmosphere is so strong, I really enjoy the teamwork and just the general buzz of the place! It really is a good place to be.


What’s the best part about the job?

William: The passionate and customer-focused team wanting to achieve the best. I love the teamwork and how well we all get on!

Perry: Being able to help workers in construction with our innovative products… and then watching them go on to become best practice products!

Justin: Being busy is my favourite part about working here… as well as the people. Everyone is always smiling, the people definitely make it what it is.

Neil: I agree - being busy is my favourite part of the job! 

Pete: I just really enjoy doing what I do. I love speaking to customers and working with my colleagues.

Give us one of your funniest memories at Armorgard…

Justin: The funniest memory I have is when I scared Neil very badly…  I had removed the gas struts from inside a TuffBank TBC5, so the lid didn’t have an assist when closing. Neil was right behind me when it closed - let’s just say he did not expect it!

Pete: My funniest memory has got to be when I sneaked up on my colleague and made him jump out of his skin! His reaction was priceless.

William: One that comes to mind is when our colleague Dan came back from helping spray some FlamBanks red. He was so proud of himself until he looked down and realised he’d ruined his black shoes by spraying them bright red!

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