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Date: 15/07/22

Top 5 products for hire

Robust, secure, trusted. At Armorgard, we’re known for this.

Our products are able to withstand years of use, making them not only great for purchase, but perfect for hire too!

We’ve picked out the top 5 products from Armorgard that will ensure you get a lasting return on investment! 


The perfect flat-packed store to add to your fleet. Its modular construction means that transportation is efficient, with no need for hiab or crane deliveries. Additionally, if you ever need to replace a panel, you won’t need to buy a completely new product. It’s all hassle-free.


So secure, it’s accredited by the British police!

Yep, that’s right. It’s become the industry standard with unique features such as the gas struts and lid stays.  The cable pass-through point means that users won’t drill their own holes in the box. TuffBank is our best-seller, so we always have plenty of stock for quick delivery. 


A boss at managing piping, and perfect to keep on the hire fleet. The PipeRack is foldable and stackable so it saves space. Stack it up to six units high! With the upgrade kit, it’s easy to convert from a load capacity of 1 tonne to 2 tonne. 


A real game changer for manual handling of large sheet materials and board, and a winner for hire fleets. The foldable and stackable design of the LA1000 fits perfectly in a busy depot that’s short on space. The entire LoadAll range is compact, designed to be easy to move and has unrivalled safety features. 

Rubble Truck

Got rubble? No trouble. This easy to manoeuvre, stackable unit is another favourable product for many hire fleet managers. Getting replacement wheels for it is easy too. 

Get set-up for a fleet you can’t fault. Ask for Armorgard!