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Date: 06/10/21

Van set-up inspiration

A van is broken into every 23 minutes, so it’s no question why people want to invest in reliable, secure storage to make sure they’re not part of that statistic. Hear what some of them have to say...

  • #1 TrekDror stacking inspiration

Dave Cullen is a joiner who is the proud owner of four TrekDror TKD3 units stacked together with another TrekDror TKD2 secured on top.

Dave previously owned an Armorgard TuffBank, so he understood the quality of Armorgard products. He did plenty of research before finally investing in the TrekDrors.

For him, this combination works best as it keeps the van organised and gives him peace of mind that his hard-earned tools will be kept safe.

Not to mention the space in his van is now the perfect hangout spot for Dave’s furry friends!

Check out his van set-up here (


  • #2 Fitted TrekDror inspiration

For Kevin Gower the electrician, he needed a way of protecting and securing his hand power tools from the risk of theft whilst in his van.

After looking at multiple excellent reviews, Kevin decided to invest in a TrekDror TKD3 unit. He hasn’t been disappointed with the safe, sturdy and secure TrekDror, protecting his tools which would otherwise cost thousands of pounds to replace.

Kevin highly recommends the TrekDrors and loves the easy operation and faultless design.

Here’s how his van has been fitted out (

  • #3 Ultimate security inspiration

Electrician Marc Gamble had unfortunately experienced tool theft in the past, so he needed something to help prevent it from happening again.

Marc was willing to invest in a TuffBank TB2 for his garage and OxBox OX1 in his van for peace of mind that his tools are being secured with a brand he can trust.

Not only is he impressed with the security of the boxes, but the gas struts and large capacity of the boxes means that they’re easy and efficient to use too.

Take a look at Marc’s storage solution (

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