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Date: 06/08/21

5 ways to protect yourself against vehicle tool theft

In the UK, a van is broken into every 23 minutes. That’s 62 livelihoods affected, in just one day. We don’t want thieves to think it’s fair for things like this to happen, and we certainly don’t want them doing it again and again. That’s why we’re here to help stamp out tool theft.

To get started, here are 5 proactive measures you can do to help protect yourself against tool theft…

  • 1. Don’t leave tools in your van overnight

A lot of thieves tend to strike at night, when it’s dark and tool owners are asleep. By bringing your tools, or tool vault, indoors, you are physically removing them from your vehicle. This electrician uses the Armorgard TuffBank to keep his equipment locked away overnight at home.

  • 2. Leave a mark on your tools

Engraving, painting or using permanent marker on your tools for identification will help with recovering them in the unfortunate event of theft. This will make it clear that you’re the owner and can make it difficult for thieves to resell the items.

We’d also advise making a note of all the serial numbers on your tools and equipment to make the reporting, identification and recovery process much quicker and easier.

  • 3. Install an alarm

Having an alarm installed in your vehicle will help bring the thief to a halt, as well as the sound being a deterrent, an alarm would alert others (and yourself) nearby of the crime.

  • 4. Enhance the locks on your van

If the locks on your van are getting old, they might give way more easily. Van locks can be replaced or enhanced - you can either look at getting deadlocks, slamlocks or a garage lock. It goes without saying, always check that your doors are locked and secured before leaving it unattended.

  • 5. Invest in secure tool storage

Even if a thief manages to break in, it’s always a wise idea to put an extra barrier of security in place. This is often enough for the thief to admit defeat! Store tools and equipment in vaults that are so secure, they’re accredited by the police. The Armorgard TuffBank range is the best-selling tool storage that people opt for when needing to protect their livelihoods.

Don’t risk it.

Let’s work together to stamp out tool theft. #beatthethief

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