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Date: 12/08/21

Armorgard goes eco-friendly

Drew, our business development manager is now living life in the saddle. He hits the road on his new electric hybrid bike 3-4 times a week, clocking up around 30km a day commuting around central London. He also carries our Armorgard catalogues and goodies inside his rucksack, and in the panya bag on the back of the bike - not only is it a great workout, it’s great for the environment! 

The idea first came about when there were issues with the availability of hiring the Santander bikes, so we thought it would be best for Drew to get his own! Due to the bike being compact and foldable, it makes the perfect companion to jump on, and off the train with for a quick get away! Equipt with 7 gears and 5 power modes Drew is unstoppable once he gets going…

We are on a mission to drive down emissions one bike at a time! Ditching the car, and taking up walking or cycling for even just one day a week helps to cut the carbon footprint. 

The biggest impact was seen in those swapping out motorised travel for active travel for their daily commute. Studies show that those who cycled had 84% lower CO2 emissions from their daily travel than non-cyclists. Active travel can help tackle the climate crisis and we are all for greener alternatives!

Bike collage

Not only is the bike a quicker, easier and more eco-friendly option for getting around London, it also helps to reduce parking fees and frees up car parking spaces for other long distance commuters.