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Date: 20/08/21

As told by Armorgard

They’re the people who know the products best.

They’re the ones who give the most useful advice when it comes to different solutions to make life on site easier, whether it be improving manual handling, productivity, or keeping workers’ welfare front of mind.

Here are some of the best solutions picked out by some of the team - as told by Armorgard.

CuttingCube​: Perry’s pick

“When cutting masonry and other materials that may produce silica dust, I’d definitely recommend the CuttingCube.

It’s an all-in-one solution for containment of slurry, noise, dust and equipment - it not only provides safety for the public, but undoubtedly decreases site set up time. It’s even proven to reduce noise pollution by up to 22dB!

A real game changer for the masonry cutting world.”

Cut out the mess. More about the CuttingCube can be found here

Drew’s top 3 reasons why you need a Forma-Stor

“Say goodbye to big, bulky containers… and hello to versatile, flat-packed stores!

It’s one of the most popular products for a reason...

  1. It’s flat-packed, which creates storage options in otherwise difficult to access areas.

  2. It’s quick & simple to assemble.

  3. It’s very sturdy & secure. It’s built to last!”

Glen’s here to show you the Forma-Stor Accessories

“The Forma-Stor is an already great product, add on the optional accessories and it really takes the product to a whole other level.”

  • BlokkaBar

“Helps to increase security in particularly vulnerable areas.”

  • Ramp

“Easy access for heavier plant and equipment.”

  • Shelves

“Help with the ability to configure and organise the space.”

  • Lights

“For better visibility in darker areas, including when outdoors.”

Go for more with the Forma-Stor. More information can be found here

Jasmin’s welfare selections!

“Taking adequate breaks during a day of work is so important for worker welfare.

For those who wish to smoke/vape or just take a break in general, the Forma-Shelta’s got them covered.

It provides a designated area and is flat-packed yet robust. It is the best option out there.”

“For sanitisation, the best thing about the SaniStation Mini S10HF is that it’s hands-free, and it really is a robust unit to ensure people are equipped to stay safe in the workplace.”

Worker wellbeing is always a winner! More about the Armorgard welfare range here

COSHH compliant cages - Carwyn’s choice

“The Gorilla Gas Cage is perfect for storing gas cylinders, no matter the size.

It’s easy to erect and quick to dismantle.

We stock universal panels in bulk – hence we can achieve 16 standard sizes or you can even go bespoke!”

COSHH compliance is key. Click here for more about the Gorilla Gas Cages. 

Karen’s favourite FlamStor Cabinet feature

“For keeping hazardous goods such as flammables safe, organised and accessible, the FlamStor Cabinet is the one.

It provides complete peace of mind, knowing that it offers not only H&S compliance, but is designed to protect and organise your hazardous goods too.”

It’s got a ‘flare’ for COSHH compliance. Check out the FlamStor Cabinet here

Joe’s top tip for manual handling

“The FlexiKart is the perfect solution for moving many materials around sites.

It has support arms which fold down when required, lashing points for safely securing a load and heavy duty swivel castors.”

It’s certainly not a stretch. More about FlexiKart here

Why William recommends the SpoolKart

“It’s an excellent way to manage and transport multiple cable reels on site.

You can easily pull cables without them tangling. Just load up with the days’ worth of spools and avoid the hassle of having to set up your racketeers/cable jacks.”

It’s ‘reel’ good. More about SpoolKart here

With over 300 products across our five ranges and a team of experts on hand, if you’d like more information, we’re ready to tell you more and help with your product search.

Give us a call on 023 9238 0280 or email [email protected].