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Date: 26/08/21

Living life in the saddle

On the 5th of August Jazz, Jason and Perry all took to the road in support of National Cycle to Work Day! An annual event that promotes riding your bike as an option for commuting to work.

Perry cycled a whopping 19.4 miles into work! Why don't you take a leaf out of our book, go green and join the cycle team!

Commuting to work by bike offers lots of environmental and health benefits - studies show that cycle to work schemes can cut carbon footprints by 20,000%! Cycling is also said to improve cardio-vascular and aerobic fitness, lowers blood pressure, boosts energy, builds muscle and improves coordination. 

Here at Armorgard we’re keen on keeping fit so here’s a couple of tips if you’re thinking of hitting the road:

  • Plan your route 
  • Pump up your tyres, check those brakes
  • Leave home early
  • Ride safely and confidently!