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Date: 15/09/21

Forma-Shelta’s got it covered

The Forma-Shelta was designed for purpose by the Armorgard in-house R&D team. With no other welfare unit like it on the market, it’s the perfect solution for site managers who want to give their workers a sheltered, designated, break area.

  • It’s a professional, built to last unit!

No more wasting time building temporary makeshift welfare units! The Forma-Shelta is robust - built using steel and aluminium, this welfare shelter can handle rigorous on-site use and is here to stay.

  • Working in a difficult to access area?

Don’t let that stop you from taking an adequate break! With the Forma-Shelta, it can be flat-packed, making the unit easy to get into areas that might typically be difficult to access. Even better - it can be assembled in as little as 10 minutes!

As an added bonus, there’s forklift pockets and crane lifting eyes too, so there are alternatives to how it can be moved to wherever you need it on site.

  • Here for you whatever the weather...

It’s not likely to be sunny every day of the year. Our team is based in England, so we know that feeling all too well - the R&D team have designed the Forma-Shelta to withstand external weather conditions. The roof and 3 walls help shelter workers from rain, and the anti-slip floor keeps workers safe from any nasty slips and falls.

For maximum durability, the whole unit is manufactured from fully galvanised and powder coated steel & aluminum!

  • Need a designated area for workers to smoke/vape?

The Forma-Shelta does the job. If workers wish to smoke/vape, the Forma-Shelta is the perfect designated area. Comes fitted with an ashtray and complete with a built-in fold-down bench. Easy!

The Forma-Shelta has it covered. Give us a call on 023 9238 0280 or email [email protected] - we’re always happy to help!