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Date: 23/09/21

The TuffBank gets stuck in

Where do you keep your TuffBank? In your van, garage or workshop? Why not take a leaf out of their book and bury it in the ground! Luke Newcombe, project manager of the Westbury Banks Nature Reserve got in contact with us to tell us why they purchased a TuffBank and what they’re using it for! 

The Westbury Banks Nature Reserve is a wilderness of nature, located on Westbury Avenue N22. The Reserve had a custom built storage unit to house their tools and equipment during the pandemic, unfortunately, it was vandalised and a lot of equipment was stolen. Due to the maintenance that the nature reserve requires it is vital that tools and equipment are on site and ready to use. After the theft the Noel Park Big Local decided to purchase an indispensable Armorgard TuffBank for the reserve, as investing in the security of their much needed tools was of utmost importance.

The Reserves project manager Luke, had used our toolboxes at different work sites and therefore, highly recommended Armorgard.

The Westbury Banks team regularly run workshops that help maintain the grounds. Recently four Duke Of Edinburgh students were tasked with the installation of the Armorgard unit. This consisted of digging a trench to house the TuffBank!

“We can now sleep peacefully knowing the reserve's tools are locked up safe and sound!” Luke Newcombe, Project Manager.

Thank you very much to Luke for taking the time to tell us about his work. We are delighted and privileged to be able to support the amazing work that Luke and the team at the Westbury Nature Reserve team do.

Check out the Westbury Nature Reserve team on twitter: @WestburyBNR