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Date: 03/03/22

A visit from Armorgard Australia

February was a very exciting month for Armorgard - our colleague Bart from Armorgard Australia came over to visit the team in the UK!  After flying 22 hours, Bart came into the HQ office the next day to get stuck in!

Bart even joined us at the Executive Hire Show this year! It was great for him to get a feel for how we do shows here in the UK! He really enjoyed meeting and speaking to customers, and even gave the golf a go!

He also spent a few days visiting impressive sites and meeting customers in London with our colleague Drew, to see what goes down in the UK construction industry. Of course, he also got the chance to give London street food a try!

Before he flew off back home, we managed to grab Bart for a few quick-fire questions about his trip!

  • Highlight of your trip? 

              I really enjoyed the London visits with Drew!


  • First impressions of the Armorgard UK team?

             The highly motivated team (including the noisy marketing department!)


  • You've been out on sites visiting some customers - what was that like?

              It was excellent - good to see how similar UK construction is to Australian!


  • How did you find the EHS show?

             Interesting to see how much the hire market is included in the construction industry.


  • What can you take from Armorgard UK to Armorgard AU?

              Lots of Armorgard goodies!!!


  • Anything from Armorgard AU we could implement in Armorgard UK?

             The accent!


  • Best meal/food you have eaten on this trip?

             Chicken and pork souvlaki.


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