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Date: 14/03/22

Finding the best solutions for you

At Armorgard, we pride ourselves on being a team that you can rely on.

Take it from Ryan Bothwell, BOC Research Account Manager, who came to us for support with a request he received from a customer looking to store 36 gas cylinders.

With the potential risks around gas, it makes it very important to have the correct storage solution

Storing your cylinders in a mesh cage ensures that in the event of an explosion, the emergency services can quickly and easily see where the bottles are and subsequently be able to extinguish the fire without opening the cabinets.

Ryan contacted us at Armorgard and we helped recommend the best solution to store multiple gas cylinders in the safest and most efficient way. 

  • “The whole process was smooth, and simple and the level of communication was at an impressive standard throughout”

At Armorgard, we are hugely focused on helping our customers no matter how big or small the request. Ryan said, “I received a fast and efficient quote from Armorgard.” 

We’re always conscious that you want answers and solutions quickly with minimal hassle, so this always remains at the front of our minds when working with our customers.

Overall, it was an extremely smooth process resulting in a very happy customer.

  • “I look forward to dealing with Armorgard and the team there again very soon!”

Do you need to safely store your gas cylinders to minimise risk? Speak to one of the team today to see how we can get the best storage system in place for you!

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