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Date: 29/04/22

Armorgard making a difference

Since 2020, injuries on construction sites have increased by 34%. The need for jobs to be completed quickly and to a high level means people are thinking less about their own safety and more about getting the job done.

Risks of repetitive strain injury and on-site accidents don’t just affect the person involved, but can also escalate to the whole team, and therefore overall company performance too. Injuries and ill health within the UK construction industry are now costing over £16.2 billion per year.

This is why Armorgard’s range of products are so vital to have on construction sites. Not only do they increase site safety, they also ensure that jobs are carried out with best practice, in the most efficient way. 

The CuttingStation is an advocate for safe cutting and is a site favourite for best practice. It also means construction workers can cut materials at a safe working height, with adequate lighting, all year round.

Stefano Lobban, Director at Herts Tool Co that distributes Armorgard products, said “Although there will always be accidents in the construction industry, we can never stop trying to reduce them.” 

Innovation never stops. By carrying out our on-site toolbox talks, it means that we hear about problems first-hand and can therefore educate site teams on how to make the job run smoother, safer and quicker whilst using Armorgard products. 

Lobban also said, “Training is key to protecting workers, whether it’s highlighting dangers or teaching workers to make their own risk assessments on site” 

Adequate training is something we have always taken seriously. Over the years, we have developed our own familiarisation videos and guides, as a clear reference on how to carry out works using best practice. 

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