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Date: 14/04/22

White diesel theft is on the increase

On April 1st 2022, the government made changes to the legislation of red diesel eligibility. This has restricted the use of red diesel in most sectors, as it was commonly used in the agriculture, marine and construction sectors. The purpose of limiting the use of red diesel is to help with the government's drive towards net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Businesses that are affected are no longer permitted to use red diesel, meaning that they have to use fuel that is taxed at a standard rate, which is white diesel. White diesel is the standard diesel fuel that is used in cars, vans and trucks across the UK.

Now that the legislation has fully come into effect, the issue of white diesel theft has come as a concern to businesses who are worried they will become a target of tool theft. The cost to victims is around £9m per year! It is likely that poorly guarded construction sites, industrial and commercial premises will be easy pickings for thieves.

It’s a good idea to get a line of defence in place, so if thieves strike, they will come up against this. The Armorgard DrumBank is the perfect COSHH compliant solution for securing your drums of oils and fuels. These cabinets are highly robust and are fitted with heavy-duty doors and 5-lever deadlocks to protect high value fuel and oil from fire and theft. There are multiple sizes available to suit the capacity you need.

Do you need to safely store your oils and fuels to minimise the risk of theft? Speak to one of the team today to see how we can get the best storage solution to suit you!

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