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Date: 15/11/21

Armorgard on track!

In the rail industry, a lot of sites often struggle with moving large secure containers between different locations. This often causes delays, which effects both money and time. But in true Armorgard style, our R&D team had the perfect solution up their sleeves.

The Armorgard Forma-Stor is a flat pack yet secure storage container. It takes only 10 minutes to put together, and is the perfect solution for quick, modular on-site storage.

Security of the Forma-Stor isn’t something to worry about either. We designed it so that the 5-lever deadlocks and jemmy-proof joins make it the most robust flat-pack solution available.

Peter Green is a Route Health and Safety Manager at Network Rail. He uses the Forma-Stor units to act as remote depots for where there’s no fixed store, as well as keeping materials secure when stored outdoors at their delivery units.

“We use the Forma-Stors a lot in our delivery unit, they are versatile to transport and erect (usually 15-20 minutes from flat pack – and no power drill!).

We at Network Rail also find them useful for satellite depots and extra storage as and when required at the delivery unit.

Being able to easily move these units from location to location is its greatest selling point, and having the security of Armorgard locks on the containers gives us safety in mind that the equipment and tools inside are secure and not accessible to anyone in possession of a rail padlock key.”

… Peter Green, Route Health and Safety at Network Rail