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Date: 14/12/21

Armorgard takes HS2 Curzon street

Curzon street station will be the first intercity terminus station in Britain since the 19th century! This high speed rail line will cut travel time, reduce CO2 emissions and overcrowding. Of course where there’s a site there’s bound to be an Armorgard! We’re working at the heart of the build and supplying our most popular products.

This monster scale project is said to finish in 2040, luckily our products are built to last and will see them through to the end of the build.

The TuffBank was chosen to house tools and equipment used on the project. Its hardened steel plates and anti-jemmy features make it virtually impossible to break into, which gives reassurance to workers that their tools are still going to be there for the next day of work, allowing the project to continue.

Due to high volumes of machinery and tools being used there needed to be a place to store fuels and chemicals. The site has taken great care to ensure they are fully COSHH compliant by picking our Forma-Stor COSHH and FlamBanks!

The Forma-Stor COSHH units have been very popular, these flat pack yet secure containers only take 10 minutes to build! They are the perfect solution for quick, modular on site fuel and chemical storage. The Armorgard FlamBank is on a smaller scale but does the same job when it comes to COSHH, being 30 mins fire resistant, features air vents and a fully welded sump to prevent leaks into the environment, making them a contractors favourite as they comply with all site regulations. 

For additional storage they’ve recruited the popular trackside Forma-Stor tool, also constructable within 10 minutes and can be easily moved using the built in forklift pockets or crane lifting eyes. Ideal for bigger tools and equipment, with five lever and jemmy proof joins, it is also robust and secure.

  • Its optional extras: shelves, ramp, lights and BlokkaBar, all take the safety, usability and security of the unit to the next level.

The Armorgard CuttingStation ticks many boxes as it helps to reduce dust, noise and increase safety. This neat workstation allows users to cut materials at a safe working height, improving posture and decreasing the risk of musculoskeletal disease, making it the health and safety manager's winner!

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