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Date: 11/01/22

Four tips for better manual handling

As industry experts for over 30 years, with a whole range dedicated to easing manual handling, it’s pretty clear how big we are on the topic of shifting materials safely! We’re passionate about helping people work more safely, so we’ve picked out four tips for better manual handling.

Before we start, it’s important to have read and understood the Manual Handling Operations Regulations (MHOR) legislation, which requires employers to assess the risks to employees' health when it comes to manual handling.

When undergoing any sort of manual handling, care should be taken at all times. A risk assessment should always be carried out beforehand. 

Here are just four of our manual handling tips:

  1. Why shift when there’s help to lift?

When planning your lift, consider any support or aid that you may need. If a piece of manual handling equipment can do it, then let that take the load.

The Armorgard FlexiKart is often the top choice for manual handling, as its versatility and 750kg load capacity is enough to take on different size materials, no matter how awkward the shape. Each of the four poles can be folded down to make loading of materials easy, and therefore accommodate larger loads too. Once the poles are in use, the FlexiKart can be manoeuvred from any of the corners - the FlexiKart certainly lives up to its name!


  1. Stance matters

Always maintain a stable position. Keep your posture correct when you lift - your feet should be apart, with one foot slightly in front of the other. Do not flex the back when bending your knees.

Always wear suitable clothing or footwear that would not restrict manual handling.

  1. Move the load, don’t let the load move you

Ever thought to make the load mobile, rather than shifting it yourself? Many storage solutions, work platforms or board trolleys have castors, or have the facility to be made mobile.

No matter what you’re moving - large bundles of material, piping, fixings, plasterboard… there’ll be a way to store and make the loads mobile.

  1. The journey matters as much as the goal

If you’re moving large or heavy loads, make sure to map out your route. You don’t want any obstructions halfway through your journey! It’s important to make sure your path is wide enough, and any doorways can easily be manoeuvred through.

Luckily though, if you happen to be using the several products in our manual handling range are designed to fit seamlessly through standard doorways - especially the LoadAll LA750-PRO, with its unique H-frame design!

Why not make life easier and safer?

Remember to always take care when doing any kind of manual handling, no matter how big or small.