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Date: 25/05/21

Doing our best for you

Since Armorgard products are the best on the market, we couldn’t not match it with the Armorgard experience that you’ll get from us. With us, you’re not just getting a top quality product - you’re getting so much more.

We recently gave you an insight into how our customer service team ticks every box and why our customers are always happy. But it doesn’t end there...

At Armorgard, we prioritise providing the best possible experience for customers, and we’re proud that they can confidently agree. Here are just a few examples why...

  • Lost your keys? We have replacements...

… Even if your product is 5 years old! Yes, you read that correctly - every Armorgard product is uniquely serial numbered so in the unfortunate event that your keys get lost, misplaced or stolen, we can help if your product is under 5 years old. All you’ll need to know is the serial number and the distributor you purchased from.

  • We’ve got the spare part for you

Our products are built to last - they stay strong even after many years of vigorous usage. But just in case, we have spare parts that will keep your product as good as new. From touch-up paint to all-important gas strut arms, let us know and we can help.

  • Our product experts are on hand to help

We have a dedicated team of product experts who will provide free on-site trials and offer demonstrations of Armorgard products. They will be on hand to answer questions and help with familiarisation, so you’ll be up and ready in no time, using your product like a pro!

  • Our UK warehouse is always full

We’re proud that the Armorgard warehouse is always fully stocked up, so we’re confident that we’re doing everything we can to ensure you get the products you need. Our warehouse is in the UK too, so we can be quick with delivery...

  • Next day delivery before 3pm!

Need it tomorrow? Get it tomorrow. If a product is in stock and ordered before 3pm, it’s dispatched the same day on a next day delivery service. Good things come to those who don’t need to wait very long!

Want to experience things the Armorgard way? Give us a call to get started right away.

Call 023 9238 0280

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Ask for security, ask for the best, ask for Armorgard.