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Date: 01/06/21

The revolutionary new way to cut masonry on site

The Armorgard CuttingCube is the brand new, revolutionary product for cutting masonry and brickwork on construction sites. We spoke to Aaron Manning, SHEQ Manager at FM Conway, to find out exactly how much the CuttingCube has changed their way of working.

  • Before the CuttingCube, were there any makeshift solutions that you had been using?

Depending on the size of the site and compound area, there would be a cutting station created with Stacca Barriers that would be secluded away from other activities. 

  • How has the CuttingCube helped with work in a heavily residential area?

The works we were undertaking for London Borough of Wandsworth, Thessaley Road was heavily pedestrianised as it was taking place in between estates and schools. The CuttingCube allows all abrasive wheel activities to be contained within one area, with this it reduces the risks around dust, safely contains slurry and reduces noise for pedestrians.

  • How will the CuttingCube benefit the operator, as well as others on site?

Very similar to the above, as it reduces the risks around silica dust, safely contains slurry and reduces noise pollution for pedestrians. This also reduces complaints from any pedestrians to the operatives. It allows the operatives to cut slabs in a designated area and safely contains all the slurry within the sump. This can easily be drained, washed and disposed of after the shift.

  • Has the CuttingCube met your needs?

For the works on Thessaley Road it certainly has, due to the nature of works and the number of cuts required for the slabs. The design enabled the same cut on the slab throughout the footway works.

  • Why Armorgard?

It was an opportunity to assist with an already great product and enabled us to identify any improvements that would take the product to the next level.

A huge thank you to Aaron for his time in answering the questions. We’re delighted to have been able to help out with a product that increases safety, efficiency and productivity on site.

The CuttingCube makes all the difference. Reducing noise pollution for nearby workers, residents and pedestrians by over 22%.


38496  Armorgard Cutting Cube Sound Diagram

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