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Date: 05/05/21

Helping make moving transformers easier

Moving large, heavy 10 kVA site transformers is something that happens on sites daily. When shifting these transformers becomes a daily task, the repetitive manual handling strain can pose serious health risks.

As a company who always strives to offer site solutions, we noticed a need for a product that could effortlessly reduce the manpower required to move transformers.

So, our R&D team came up with the Armorgard T-Kart! It was specifically designed to ease the manual handling of transformers, in particular, the larger 10 kVA site transformers and above. Since its launch, it has been a popular product that has left everyone wondering how they managed to shift heavy transformers before…


SitePowerUK is a specialist site electrics manufacturer and distributor in the transformer industry. As part of his job, Ashley Ricketts, managing director of SitePowerUK, needs to shift hundreds of heavy transformers every month.

Ashley has always had an interest in Armorgard products, but for somebody who deals mainly with transformers, the launch of the T-Kart definitely peaked his interest. He quickly became both a customer and distributor!

Supporting fast-paced deliveries is just one example of how the T-Kart has helped Ashley. He needed to drop off multiple Blakley Refurb 10 kVA transformers at Mace’s Finsbury Square site, and managed to do so in an easy and effortless way with the help of two Armorgard T-Karts.

The secure carabiner latching system also means that transformers of any height can be moved, which has been extremely useful for those who work with a variety of different transformers like Ashley.

Some of Ashley’s customers have been interested in the T-Kart too, when they have seen it in use on site deliveries. As a result of the interest, SitePowerUK became a distributor for Armorgard T-Karts! Many customers are now equipped with the manual handling product that has changed the game for easily moving transformers.

"The best thing about the T-Kart is its ease of connection, balance and strength. Add this to the T-Kart’s manoeuvrability over rough ground… It’s excellent!” - Ashley Ricketts, SitePowerUK.

The T-Kart is in stock and available for next day delivery. Order yours now!

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