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Date: 25/02/21

Maintaining social distancing with Armorgard

With news of the end of social distancing in sight, it’s important, now more than ever, that your workers are maintaining a safe distance, and operating at the minimum number of people to help decrease the cases. 

To help, we’ve pulled together a go to guide of some of the products in our range that can be operated by two or less people, helping to limit the number of people having to share a workstation to the absolute minimum - 

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The TuffBench is a durable, built to last, staple product that requires only one person to operate. It is an easy to use, and easy to transport, collapsible work platform. It’s heavy duty design that withstands a weight loading capacity of up to 300kg. The Tuffbench is ideal for use with attachments such as power tools, vices and pipe threaders. 

Transport materials safely with the Loadall LA750-PRO. This trolley reduces the need for people on-site working in close proximity. With two people to load but only one to transport including clamps to safely secure the materials. It is a dependable product that will help you move materials from A to B, both safely and efficiently, whether it be through doorways or narrow spaces. The swivelling heavy duty castors and telescopic handle makes moving a fully loaded trolley light work.

The CuttingStation is a mobile workstation for the safe cutting of long lengths of materials. It’s castors allow for easy maneuvering and aid social distancing as it can be transported to various designated areas and allows for one individual to operate safely. It's essential when cutting lengths, such as conduit, timber, cable tray and pipe.


The InstaGate is a multipurpose unit that can be easily moved and deployed by one person, available in two heights and extending up to 2m, means it can play a crucial part in keeping within government guidelines of maintaining a safe distance in the workplace. It can be used to cordon off areas and segregate workers. New accessories also allow the fixing and linking of InstaGates for extra length and stability. We don't know why you wouldn't use the InstaGate.


The Forma-Shelta is a purpose-built welfare unit. Erectable in ten minutes, with a fold down bench for dedicated seating, it provides a safe and dedicated area for users to hold external meetings, reducing the risk of high level footfalls and confinement to office buildings. 
Featuring forklift pockets and crane lifting eyes it is suitable for quick transportation to where it’s needed most.