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Date: 22/02/21

winning with armorgard

Let’s play a game of top trumps... it’s a bit of a fix - you’ll be guaranteed the winner! Here, we’ve put our best products on the table. Game on!


COSHH Storage

COSHHIn our COSHH compliant storage range, we’ve brought our ‘A’ game - you’re bound to have the winning card with Armorgard!

  • Forma-Stor COSHH is the COSHH compliant version of our famous flat-packed, walk-in store.
  • TransBank: the only solution you need for COSHH compliant transportation of jerry cans and fuels.
  • Need flammables on site stored safely and in accordance with COSHH regulations? The only way forward is the ever-popular FlamBank.
  • Not to be fooled by its name, the Gorilla Gas Cage is a unique security cage for storing gas cylinders using simple, modular panels

Manual Handling

Manual handlingHere’s a new set of top trumps – is it the winning one for you? Every product in this pack eases manual handling so you’re always ahead of the game!

  • LoadAll LA750-PRO - look no further for a unique, innovative board trolley that safely and effortlessly transports boards around site.
  • RubbleTruck is an on-site game changer when handling, transporting and tipping waste and rubble!
  • PipeRack is an innovatively designed storage rack for pipe and conduit that easily manoeuvres around sites.
  • Flexikart is the safe, multi-purpose folding skate to mobilise materials on site.

Work Platforms and Units

Work platforms and units

You’ll be a winner in any game with the work platforms and units range from Armorgard! Check out our set of top trump cards – when it comes to efficiency on site, you’re in for the win.

  • InstaGate is the next generation crowd control barrier, safely cordoning off vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Also featuring its new accessory kits!
  • SiteStation is everything you need and more in a mobile site office to keep you close to the action...
  • CuttingStation is the market leading solution for safely cutting materials on site, because your safety always comes first.
  • Mobile TuffBench is the perfect definition of ‘multi-purpose’. A strong, reliable workbench that’s also a heavy-duty cabinet!


Equipment and tool storage

Equipment and tool storage

The Armorgard equipment and tool storage range is a game changer! If you’ve got one of these boxes for your vehicle, workshop or on site, you’re bound to be in the running for security victory!

  • TuffBank is our best selling secure storage solution, with police accreditation.
  • OxBox: The simple yet dependable box for when budget is a consideration.
  • TrekDror is the sliding drawer solution to your worries of an unorganised van that lacks security.
  • Forma-Stor: A robust, flat-packed, walk-in store that can be built in under 10 minutes!


Stock products always available for next day delivery.

Want to be a winner? It’s simple - #AskForArmorgard.