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Date: 24/10/18

Mental Health First Aid Awareness poster

Armorgard has launched a new Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) awareness poster for the construction industry.

The poster provides basic information to construction workers on how to tell if someone may need mental health support, listing behavioural and physical signs, and what to do if you suspect someone may need support.

It also includes a section for further help and advice including a blank section for the contact details of a Mental Health First Aider.

“This is crucial because Mental Health First Aiders have the power, ultimately, to save lives.,” said Reuben Mitchell, Armorgard Marketing Director. “It is estimated that 40,000 MHFAiders are needed to provide an adequate level of cover for the whole industry, and this poster encourages companies to make this important training available to their staff.”

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The mental health and wellbeing of construction workers is one of the biggest issues the industry is currently facing. In 2016/17, the sector lost 400,000 working days due to stress, anxiety or depression – the equivalent of losing 1,600 full time workers each year.

"We understand that physical health needs to be protected on construction sites,” Reuben Mitchell said “But you can't protect your mental health with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and suicide is the biggest killer of construction workers. To give mental health parity, therefore seems like a no-brainer.

“Whilst construction workers are known to be vulnerable to experiencing mental ill health, with improved basic awareness, we can all contribute to ensuring that industry approaches to managing mental health risks are effective. This poster provides all the basic information needed in a clear and accessible form.”

The poster is also available in an electronic format for download from the Armorgard website for use by construction companies.

Armorgard will also include the A3 size poster as part of their InstructaHut, on-site emergency station and central meeting point, solution, which is used on construction sites throughout the UK.

Jaan Madan, Workplace Lead for Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England says the poster will help to embed robust approaches to mental health across the industry.

“There is still a need to increase mental health support in the workplace, especially in the construction industry. We welcome Armorgard’s initiative, which represents an important commitment to tackling the issue and raising awareness in the sector.”

To view the poster click here and to learn more about Mental Health First Aid visit .