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Date: 21/11/19

say hello to... the upgraded sitestation

Introducing… Armorgard’s new and improved SiteStation! Our upgraded SS2 is a purpose-built solution providing a mobile and secure onsite office. Now, with even better features; a stronger frame with chamfered edges, weather resistant with watertight seals, light and power supply, and improved security with three 5-lever deadlocks.

A central hub on site

Our SiteStation is perfect for storing information, plans and maps on site. It can be used as a meeting point, central hub and a secure place to store equipment whilst working. Now with even more options for organising information, our newly fitted shelves and compartments allow managers to access their documents immediately with ease.


Now with castors fitted as standard, this station offers a range of mobility benefits. It can be placed anywhere on site and then safely and easily moved to its next location whenever needed. The crane lifting eyes, also fitted as standard on every new SiteStation, add yet another option for transporting across any distance or height! This feature reduces time and resource needed for transportation, and its easy manoeuvrability offers great worker efficiency. The SiteStation can be in the right place at the right time. 

Power and light supply

Our new model comes with two 110V charging sockets so that electrical tools and portable devices can be locked up and charged securely whilst on site. Additionally, the SiteStation now comes with LED lighting so that managers can inspect site plans and maps even during poor visibility conditions.

Even more secure and robust

We enhanced the SiteStation’s strength. Now with chamfered edges, we have increased rigidity whilst sporting an updated, more modern design. The product also includes three 5-lever, keyed alike deadlocks for added security. 

Stronger protection from the elements

Designed to work well outdoors, our SiteStation now features rubber gaskets on the doors ensuring a watertight seal and therefore increased weather resistance. The powder coating also enhances its durability.

Want to be one of the first to experience our brand new SiteStation?

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