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Date: 05/11/19

minimising stress to maximise efficiency in the workplace

It's International Stress Awareness Week. At Armorgard, we understand how feeling under pressure and being stressed can lead to severe health problems. Our products are designed to maximise efficiency in the workplace as much as possible, so that your stress can be minimised.


  • Maximising space, increasing organisation and keeping your tools secure

Our customers have recognised that fitting our modular, stackable TrekDrors inside vans can help space and storage efficiency when storing tools. Equipment can be accessed easily through the sliding compartments which extend out to over 80%. What’s even better is that our TrekDrors are secured with 2 x 5-lever deadlocks for that extra security.


  • A robust, flat-packed storage unit that can be built in 10 minutes or less

The Armorgard FormaStor is secure, quick to erect and easily transported to and from sites. When used for railway works, there’s no need to worry about line closures or stoppages. We designed the FormaStor to be easy to use in any hard-to-reach space, making sure that work can be done efficiently. Read more about why we love it.


  •  Our LoadAll range eases the stress of manual handling when it comes to moving large sheet materials around site

Armorgard’s latest LoadAll model, the LA750-PRO, helps productivity on site with a clamping system, removing the need for ratchet straps, to secure material when in transit as well as a telescopic handle for enhanced safety. The unique H-frame design makes manoeuvring through doorways and round corners easier, maximising efficiency. Watch the LA750-PRO in action.


  • A lightweight, quick to deploy barrier that helps easily segregate crowds of traffic in any situation

The Armorgard InstaGate is designed to be deployable quickly in times of crowd control need, maximising time and work efficiency. Its strong, lightweight aluminium frame serves well as a tough barrier and the rounded edges means that your hands won’t get trapped in our concertina-style design! Watch the InstaGate in action.

Those are just a few examples of how we design our Armorgard products to maximise efficiency and productivity. The way you work is important to us, so we are using International Stress Awareness Week to highlight how things such as inefficient equipment at work may contribute to the feeling of stress.

If a product or equipment at work is causing you stress, replace it. Look at getting some more efficient, safer options.

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