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Date: 18/10/19

stamping out tool theft in the UK

Tool theft statistics show that 1 in 3 tradespeople fall victim to tool theft, costing every victim an average of £3,000 in lost earnings and replacement tools. At Armorgard, we understand the severity of this problem and that’s why security is at the heart of every secure storage product we design.

Recently, it has been publicised that van tool theft is at a crisis point, with West Yorkshire being one of the most highly targeted regions. There have been over £800,000 worth of equipment stolen over a period of 12 months and tools stolen from work vans has doubled in the same region.

We previously gave you our top 5 tips to keep your tools safe. However, the issue is still not as recognised as it should be - there is currently little support for tradespeople and light punishments for burglars who are caught.

At Armorgard, we are passionate about keeping tools safe. Our in-house R&D team designs and develops every product to maximise the protection of tools and equipment. This is why all of our products have a reputation for the security they provide - such as our Sold Secure and Secured by Design TuffBanks and StrongBanks.

That’s why we are supporting the #StampOutToolTheft petition, campaigning for tighter regulation in the selling of second hand tools and tighter fines for those convicted. At Armorgard, we recognise that this is a key issue for our customers and it needs to be addressed.

We’ve signed the petition, have you?