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Date: 27/04/20

world day for safety and health at work 2020

It’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2020 on 28th April 2020. This year, the day will focus on addressing the outbreak of infectious diseases at work, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are on a mission to make workplaces safer for individuals and ensure that they aren’t put at risk whilst working. We’ve picked out our top product ranges that were designed to enhance your safety, both in general and against the outbreak.

  • Let’s battle the virus - keep your hands clean and sanitised. #staysafe #stayclean

The Armorgard SaniStation is a unique solution for the immediate deployment of a central hand sanitising unit. It’s two sided to promote segregation, has a weather proof, wipe clean, durable surface and comes complete with pump dispensers, 5L of sanitiser and relevant safety signage. 

Explore our SaniStation family.

  • Stay safe at work by ensuring restricted areas are cordoned off and social distancing guidelines are adhered to.

The Armorgard InstaGate is quick to deploy, strong, yet lightweight, weatherproof and distinctive. It even comes fitted with braked wheels for easy transportation and positioning.

Available at 4ft or 6ft high, this unique barrier extends to 2 metres long and with the unique latching system multiple InstaGates can be connected together, to create any length required - just like the image below!

Star feature - when the barrier retracts, there’s no need to worry about trapping fingers as the design just won’t allow it!

  • Improve safety and efficiency, reduce noise and protect health. 

The Armorgard CuttingStation Xtract does so much more than you think, it is your best practice solution for cutting on site. 

It's not only a station for cutting at a safe working height, but it’s sound deadening foam lining helps to reduce noise pollution, and rubber mat surface protects against HAVS. 

When used with the Husqvarna A1000 air scrubber, the unit filters 1,000 cubic meters of air per hour, protecting the operator, and others working in the immediate area, from exposure to long-term health risks. 

It's the ultimate protection for your workers. 

  • How many people does it take to transport large sheet materials? What manual handling difficulties does it cause? 

The Armorgard LoadAll range has been designed to ease manual handling when transporting large sheets of material. As a result, it also reduces the need for more people than necessary to do the job - supporting social distancing guidelines. 

The LA750-PRO is the newest member of our LoadAll family. With clamps to hold materials in place when moving, a telescopic handle, featuring an anti-finger trapping design, to maneuver loads easily, and a H-frame design to navigate through doorways, it’s our most innovative board trolley yet!

  • Our Armorgard COSHH compliant range ensures that hazardous substances are stored both securely and safely whilst on site or in transit.

The bright colours of our FlamBank and ChemBank range allows clear separation of flammable materials (FlamBanks) and chemicals (ChemBanks). 

Are you storing alcohol based cleaning materials and sanitisers? Be COSHH compliant and store safely. 

Browse more of our COSHH compliant range here.​

  • You know all about the Armorgard TuffBanks’ security features. But did you know about our safety elements?

The hydraulic gas struts help to raise the lid when opening your TuffBank and now coupled with our unique SlamStop system, it gives the user a much safer experience; preventing the lid from unexpectedly closing, making sure that fingers don’t get trapped.

This feature is exclusive to Armorgard.​​

During this difficult period, staying safe is crucial and we are working hard to develop our products to ensure that safety can be put first during these testing times.

We hope everyone stays safe.

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