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Date: 22/04/21

Get set up on site with Armorgard

The 9 basics to getting set up on site...

1. Need to keep the tools safe?

Securely stow away your tools and equipment in our market leading TuffBank! Made from hardened steel and adhering to rigorous test standards by the police, our TuffBank is built to last and will see you through the job at hand.

Have powered tools on site? Now featuring a secure charging outlet with the optional PowerShelf, to ensure you’re never left out of battery. 

Transportation around site isn’t a problem, with forklift skids as standard and the option for castors. If you lose your keys onsite, not to worry, we supply replacement keys on products up to five years old, for next day delivery! 

2. Control that traffic!

An important part of health and safety on site is ensuring non access areas are properly cordoned off. InstaGate is the perfect pedestrian and vehicle traffic control barrier, with its red and white colouring it can’t be missed. Although it’s aluminium frame is lightweight for easy maneuvering, it’s strong and robust!

Even better with its accessories; the linking and mounting kit. Securely link together as many InstaGates as you need, and safely mount to a wall for ease of use. 

3. Have you prepared when it comes to cutting?

Eliminate the need for a separate cutting room with our CuttingStation, an essential on site for cutting at a safe working height. 

Robust but easy to move with it’s heavy duty castors, you now have the flexibility to cut lengths of material on site, wherever you need. 

The CuttingStation is kitted out with a 110V inlet power supply, and 2 x 110V internal sockets. It also features sound absorbing foam for noise containment, and PVC curtains reducing serious health risks for both workers and the wider public.

4. Keep those hands clean! 

Our ScrubKart is an onsite must have! Manufactured for long term use, ready to provide instant warm water for handwashing routines. 

Easily maneuvered by one person, and with no plumbing needed it gives you the freedom to wheel it anywhere you require, providing up to 120 hand washes per 25L tank you’ll wonder why you didn't get one sooner! 

Although, this isn’t all of our welfare products! There’s a lot more to the range… check it out now.

5. Need an extra hand? 

The FlexiKart helps to reduce the strain of the moving of tonne bags, bundles and pallets with a maximum working load of 750kg. 

It’s four folding arms and four swivel castors mean the FlexiKart can be easily maneuvered in any direction at any time! It’s an ideal size allowing it to be navigated through doorways. 

6. Need a securely locked unit to store your drums?

Yes, we mean industrial drums!

We like to make a lot of noise about the fully COSHH compliant DrumCage! It’s always the first choice for the safe storage of hazardous substances. 

Its safety features include a sturdy base, removable grated flooring and a 290L fully welded sump. Easy to transport our DrumCage comes in a flat pack design, so you can take it with you for your next site set up!


7. Too many tools, not enough space to store them? 

Our FormaStor Tool is a quick assembly, convenient, walk-in storage unit. It is sturdy, weather proof and available in four 4 sizes to fit your needs. 

The FormaStor is a flat packed unit so that it can be easily moved through various building levels, from site to site - it can also be transported using crane lifting eyes or forklift skids! Although flat packed the Forma-Stor is a robust unit with 5 lever deadlocks and jemmy proof points, so you can be sure that all of your equipment is protected.

If you’re looking to take it to the ultimate level, why not kit it out with one of its four accessories..

8. Clean up your site with the RubbleTruck. 

The RT400 has a 400L scoop making loading easy, fill it up with your site rubble and efficiently dispose of waste using the built in tipping feature. 

The RubbleTruck can also be suspended from great heights using the crane lifting eyes, so if it’s filled to the brim, place its lid on top of safety and get it quickly unloaded. Equipped with solid rubber wheels the RubbleTruck is built to last, so you can be assured to get the task done. The RubbleTruck is also a stackable unit, so at the end of the day stack it away and maximise your space on site.

9. Power to the tools

If you’re in need of a multiple battery charging unit the PWS10 is the product for you. The Armorgard PowerStation lets you confidently charge your power tools with the knowledge that they will be safe and locked away from thieves. Ideal for site offices, with the facility to charge up to 10 products at once!