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Date: 13/04/21

Life changing stories behind the Armorgard product

There’s a reason why people ask for Armorgard. With market leading van storage boxes, we’re going to tell a couple of stories of when Armorgard products have supported life changing work...

Supporting life changing work

As a voluntary organisation, it’s important for Hampshire Search and Rescue Dogs to keep their equipment safe and have it right where they need it for time sensitive missions. They have been using the TrekDror so they can quickly access equipment, whilst keeping it organised and secured. 

  • "The Armorgard TrekDrors have been hugely important to the organisation of the Incident Support Vehicle and security of our search and rescue equipment." - Kev Saunders MBE, Hampshire Search and Rescue Dogs

Kym Godwin is a Helideck Responder for the NHS at the University Bristol and Weston Hospital Trust. He trusts his OxBox with storage of high value tools and equipment needed in his NHS rescue equipment vehicle.

  • "Unfortunately in the past, I have been a victim of crime and had vital rescue tools stolen. The OxBox makes equipment storage handy - in one place, ready to go at a moment’s notice and above all, secure!” - Kym Godwin, NHS Helideck Responder

The Armorgard TrekDrors are being used in a water rescue vehicle for the Surrey Search and Rescue team. The team needed an equipment box that was secure and allowed them to access its contents quickly in an emergency.

  • “We’re loving our new TrekDror. It’s keeping all our kit safe and secure” - Séamus Kearns, Surrey Search & Rescue

Don't be a victim of tool theft…

Ask for security.

Ask for the best.


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