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Date: 08/04/21

The CuttingStation story

It’s the ultimate, best practice choice for cutting materials on site.

It’s been used and proven by many.

It’s the Armorgard CuttingStation.

CuttingStation was originally born from conversations with managers and operators on construction sites. They raised concern of work-related musculoskeletal risk they were experiencing in their daily working life when cutting lengths of material.

It became our mission to reduce that risk.

Before the CuttingStation, there was the need for a safe and productive unit to aid cutting, reduce risk of injuries and reduce long term RSI. In some cases, workers were having to cut materials on the floor!

Our in-house R&D team collaborated with various SHEQ and HSE consultants of tier 1 construction companies, including Morgan Sindall and Balfour Beatty to make the daily act of cutting materials on site a safer, easier and more efficient job.

After 12 months of rigorous tests and trials to perfect the product, completing a total of 15 site visits with the CuttingStation, our R&D team finalised their drawings on revision number 4!

6 points from our R&D team:

1. The ergonomic working height of the CuttingStation means that the saw is placed in front of the operator, reducing back strain

2. The product comes with a built-in light as standard, promoting a safe working environment and preventing strain to the eyes and body

3. Support arms either end of the unit secure the materials being cut – reducing excessive strain when adjusting materials into place

4. The cut-out front aids operators, allowing long materials to be loaded from the front or fed through the side, reducing the risk of strain when having to position materials

5. The unit contains sound-absorbing foam for noise containment, reducing serious health risks for both workers and the wider public

6. Dust containment with the built-in shoot and PVC curtains

It’s the product that keeps on giving:

  • With its heavy-duty castors, this station can be moved to different places on site with ease, reducing the risk of heavy manual handling. 

  • PVC curtains contain dust – reducing the risk of serious dust-related diseases for those on site. 

  • There are also benefits to productivity, whereby materials are easier to cut and load onto the station, with a light and anti-slip mat to absorb vibration and reduce HAVS.

Looking to use the best practice product for cutting materials on site? Contact us on 023 9238 0280 or [email protected].