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Date: 20/12/19

keep your equipment safe this winter

We are well and truly into the coldest months of the year. These dark, wet months present more opportunities for thieves to steal equipment. Read our tips to keep your tools safe during the season that leaves you most vulnerable to equipment theft. 

1. Do not leave your vehicle to defrost alone with your tools in

It’s tempting to leave the key in your vehicle’s ignition and your engine running whilst you wait for it to defrost. However, vehicles (and their tools) are stolen from driveways every year when they’ve been left alone to warm up. Instead, stay with your vehicle during this process and use de-icer spray and a scraper if you’re in a rush. Don’t make it easy for thieves!

2. Deter thieves by mentioning the security of your tools

If thieves know that they will have a hard time breaking in to a site or van, they won’t be as determined. Adding some stickers that mention the security of your tools can be successful. Armorgard offer great stickers that say “My tools deserve Armorgard” - deterring thieves before they even start thinking about breaking in!

3. Use the most secure form of storage for your equipment

Keep your equipment safely locked away in strong, secure, purpose built vehicle and site boxes. The Armorgard TuffBank comes in 8 different sizes and is the only storage solution of its kind in the UK to be Sold Secure and Secured by Design (SBD), the official police preferred specification.

Enhance security further by choosing to secure your tools in the toughest storage box in the Armorgard range. Our StrongBank is made using 3mm and 5mm steel - our virtually indestructible box deters even the most determined thief.

4. Keep your office and tools nearby

Whilst working on site, keep your tools and valuable equipment nearby. Our SiteStation is the perfect on-site companion. Store equipment, plans and maps securely inside the lockable compartments, right next to where you need to work. Our brand new design also comes with lights as standard and rubber seals for improved weatherproofing - ready for those winter months!

5. Use products that offer strong protection against the environment

Keep your equipment securely stored in products that are durable and can survive the winter months. The R&D team at Armorgard pride themselves on the durability of products, with weatherproofing being a focus. The fully galvanised coating on the Forma-Stor makes the walk-in storage unit extra tough and resistant to rain. Another example can be seen in the InstructaHut, which sheds water to ensure that documents and equipment are protected.

Keep your livelihood and your equipment safe this winter with Armorgard.

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